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King Mackeral (Kingfish) Genus and Species:

Genus: Scomberomorus (King Mackerel, Kingfish)
Species: cavalla (King Mackerel, Kingfish)


Characteristics Of The King Fish

The kingfish or king mackeral is a fish that needs precaution when charter fishing in Tampa Florida. They have razor sharp teeth and should be handled by an expert or Captain tom Pooler if caught. These beautiful fish have many colors that surround their body such as shades of silver, green, and grey and even some iridescent colors throughout its body. You may notice that this fish is very lean and slim due to its small scaly outer body. The king fish is known for being very strong and fast so its a good idea to have a plan of action when catching these elusive fish. Look over at the best times to catch kingfish if you are looking for kingfish charters in Tampa Bay.

Where To Find King Fish

If you are kingfish charter fishing in Tampa Bay, you will find them inshore and offshore over wrecks and artificial reefs, buoys, markers etc. King Mackeral can be found near the surface of the Gulf of Mexico or down deep below the surface.

Kingfish Dimensions | Size And Weight

The size and weight of the king fish ranges anywhere from 5 -20 lbs and is considered a medium fish to haul in. King Mackeral in the range of 20-50 pounds are out there but more rare and are called lunkers by the local Tampa fisherman.

The Cobia “Fight”

Kingfish charters in Tampa Fl are very fun for the entire crew because these fish pt up a good fight. Kingfish are known to jump straight up out of the water after you catch them so be ready for an amazing show! The nickname “leaping lizards” has been coined due to their jumping ability. Kingfish fishing in Tampa can be very fun and rewarding.

Kingfish Fishing Technique

Here are the methods we use to catch kingfish in the Gulf of Mexico: live bait fishing, kite fishing,reef fishing, trolling, charter boat fishing, and drift fishing.

Kingfish Tackle and Bait

Live bait is the best choice when choosing bait for kingfish charters. We use big live shrimp, mullet,goggle eyes, and sardines just to name a few. Kingfish will strike most of these live baits we mentioned. If we are trolling in Tampa Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, we will use ballyhoo and bonito strips as well as mullet and other live baits.

Tampa Bay Deep Sea Fishing For Kingfish

Tampa Bay Offshore Fishing Charters goes deep sea fishing for all types of fish aboard our 31′ Fountain boat. By creating a once in a lifetime experience, we usually are exceeding our customers expectations. One goal is to always explain about the time of year and what’s biting in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

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