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I came to Florida when I was 13. I had never fished a day before in my life! I first started fishing local lakes and realized how much I enjoyed that.


My intro into saltwater fishing came when I was about 19 with my good friend that introduced me to sheep head in Tampa Bay. This person also introduced me to snook, redfish, and speckled sea trout. I fell in love after that and there was no turning back. I actually already fell in love with everything aquatic prior to that so this instance sealed the deal that I would be around aquatic things the rest of my life.


In my life, I have owned 3 jet skies, 1 catamaran sailboat, 3 center console fishing boats, and much more. Prior to immersing myself full force into the fishing world, at about the same time I was introduced to saltwater fishing by the same friend as before. He knew an offshore commercial fisherman that we were privileged to go to the middle grounds with him and help fill up his fish boxes. That was the time the “Eureka” moment hit and I decided salt water fishing was what I was going to do forever. This situation was unique because I was getting to go to the middle grounds practically for free when most people have to pay thousands to charter there.


Ever since I turned 19 years old, I’ve known I was going to be a fisherman for life. Then my wife and I went to the Virgin Islands when we were in our mid twenties and decided to get married – there I chose to be a boat captain and this stated the real journey for me. First, I became a CBC contractor – then I got my captains license at about 34 years old. I’m 37 now and have owned a 22’ Sea Pro Bay Boat, 23’ dorado, 18’ Gheenoe, and a 31’ Fountain CC w/ cuddy cabin.
My love for fishing is the reason why I do charters. I love to educate people and see the look on their face when they catch their first big grouper or napper or hogfish, etc…

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