Cobia Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Cobia Genus and Species:

Genus: Rachycentron (Cobia)
Species: canadum (Cobia)

cobia charter fishing in tampa bay gulf of mexico

Characteristics Of The Cobia

Cobia are big, strong, and powerful fish that are brown in color with a white underbelly and a flat head. One distinctive trait is that the lower jaw of the cobia actually protrudes out a bit from the lower jaw somewhat like a bulldog. Some Cobia in the Florida Gulf have a light stripe that runs along the side of its body. Spiny fins are apparent just forward of the dorsal fin. If you look inside thee cobias mouth, you will see that they do not have normal teeth like other fish but have whats called villiform teeth on the roof of their mouth as well as along their jaw.

Where To Find Cobia

If you are cobia charter fishing in Tampa Bay, you will find them inshore and offshore over wrecks and artificial reefs, buoys, markers etc. Generally speaking, cobia are not really considered an offshore fish but they can be found out int the open water.

Cobia Dimensions | Size And Weight

The size and weight of the cobia ranges anywhere from 20-50 lbs and is considered a large fish to haul in. If you do catch a cobia you must be careful about bringing it into the boat because of the shear power from this fish. Captain Tom Pooler will make sure you follow all the safety precautions when cobia charter fishing in the Gulf Of Mexico.

The Cobia “Fight”

Cobia charters are very fun because we always know we are going to get a run for our money. The cobia are known for their fighting ability and will putĀ  in “long runs” in order to catch them. Pay attention to when you are reeling in the cobia because sometimes they don’t fight until they are right up against the boat. Cobia fishing in Tampa Fl can be very exciting and exhilarating although we tend to catch them with other varieties of fish in Tampa Bay. These fish are not extremely commons to catch in the gulf but when we do, we always will give a high five to the person who caught oneĀ  its always a treat:)

Cobia Fishing Technique

Trolling around the Gulf Of Mexico, bottom fishing, and wreck fishing are the best ways to catch cobia. We use live bait such as pilchards, herring, and sardines when catching these fighting fish! Another live bait that works well is ballyhoo strips and bonito strips.

Cobia Tackle and Bait

Live bait is the best choice when choosing bait. Ballyhoo, sardines, and strips of bonito work well. Traditional deep sea fishing rods and fishing tackle with a 50lb test line is best. Since cobia are very strong, you may use strong spinning rods and tackle vs using conventional deep sea fishing tackle. If you choose spinning rods and tackle, make sure they are heavy duty so they won’t snap and let go of the “big one”.

Tampa Bay Deep Sea Fishing For Cobia

Tampa Bay Offshore Fishing Charters goes deep sea fishing for all types of fish aboard our 31′ Fountain boat. By creating a once in a lifetime experience, we usually are exceeding our customers expectations. One goal is to always explain about the time of year and what’s biting in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

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