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Types Of Grouper:

Black Grouper – overall color is darker gray and the markings are darker than those of the gag grouper. Most of these have rectangular box patterns along its body , fins are black as well as the edges.

Goliath Grouper (pictured) – Adults have small spots on the fins, body and head and are typically olive, gray or brownish yellow in color.

Red Grouper – a light red /orange tint with rusty looking spots all over its back. there is not a black mark on the caudel peduncle area between its tail and dorsal fin. These are fun fish to catch and very beautiful.

Scamp Grouper – also known as the brown grouper which has little brown spots al over its body. Dorsal fin has some black markings on it as well.

Gag Grouper – gray and light brown on color but has a wavy pattern to the markings that dont really look like circles or boxes or even rectangles. the fins have a bkueish tint to them. One interesting thing is that their color will darken if taken out of the water.

Genus and Species:

Perciformes Serranidae Mycteroperca bonaci (Black Grouper)
Perciformes Serranidae Mycteroperca microlepis (Gag Grouper)
Perciformes Serranidae Epinephelus niveatus (Snowy Grouper)

grouper charter fishing
Grouper are caught while deep sea fishing in Tampa, wreck fishing, and also bottom fishing.

Characteristics Of The Grouper

There are several different types of Grouper to fish for in The Gulf Of Mexico, Middle Grounds, as well as Tampa Bay. Most of the grouper we catch are in offshore waters on the bottom of the ocean. Although we catch most when offshore fishing, smaller grouper can be seen inshore as well. The grouper family of fish all have different markings and colors which makes them very unique and interesting to catch. On top of everything, grouper is a tasty treat after a long day of fishing.

Where To Find Grouper

If you are looking to fish for grouper in Tampa Bay, you can find them offshore around the reefs, artificial reefs, and the many shipwrecks found of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa and Tampa Bay. If you eally want to catch some large, grouper, we have some amazing overnight trips to the middle grounds where some people have caught grouper over 100lbs! Common throughout Florida; also present in Bahamas and common in some areas.

Grouper Dimensions | Size And Weight

Sizes and weight of the type of grouper varies greatly depending on the location in Florida or anywhere around the world. Typically the deeper we fish, the bigger they get. Widely distributed from close inshore in many areas of Florida to ledges and wrecks in up to 300 or so feet of water. Great majority of sport catches are made in 10-100 feet.


The Grouper “Fight”

This is where the fun begins! Grouper are great fighters and offer a lot of fun to Florida anglers looking for excitement. These giant fish can be exhausting sometimes to reel in so make sure to ask Capt Tom Pooler on the best techniques to land the big one. Spinning rods and spinning reels that drop to the bottom are the best ways to catch these goliaths. Heavier duty fishing equipment might be needed if we are in deep waters of 100-250 ft. Grouper fishing in Tampa Bay and The gulf of Mexico can be very fun and engaging.

Grouper Fishing Technique

Trolling around the Gulf Of Mexico, bottom fishing, and wreck fishing are the best ways to catch grouper whether it be black grouper, red grouper, brown grouper, or any other grouper you can think of. There are some ledges out in the middle grounds that are great for grouper as well as some artificial reefs in Florida. Trolling the waters of Tampa Bay with a wire line over the coral patches, ledges, and wrecks can be a very productive method to catching a lot of grouper in one day.

Grouper Tackle and Bait


Grouper like to eat all sorts of fresh bait including squid, chunks of ballyhoo, bonito strips, mackeral as well as live bait that includes herring,blue runners,goggle eyes, and pilchards. If you are strictly dropping straight down to the bottom and not trolling we have had some success with some artificial lures, jiggs, and other feathery bait for them to attack. There are many types of bait that we can use on the 31′ Formula so if something is not working, Capt Tom Pooler will sure to be able to change quickly to keep you on the fish.

Tampa Deep Sea Fishing For Grouper

Tampa Bay Offshore Fishing Charters goes deep sea fishing for all types of fish aboard our 31′ Formula boat. By creating a once in a lifetime experience, we usually are exceeding our customers expectations. One goal is to always explain about the time of year and what’s biting in Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

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