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busch gardens tampa
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Things To Do In Tampa and Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is home to some of the best attractions and activities for your family. With Tampa being strategically placed between a few bodies of water, the activities surrounding the community here are unparalleled from the amazing zoos, theme parks, restaurants, and parks, you will sure to find something for the whole family. If you are looking for thigs to do in Tampa and the surrounding cities, here are our top 10 activities:

1) Busch Gardens Tampa : Regarded as one of the best theme parks in the world, Busch Gardens is home to thousands of species of animals with over 335 acres of African themed grounds to make it extremely authentic. The theme park is in the top 20 most visited parks in the world with over 5 million people visiting each year.

busch gardens tampa

2) Sunshine Skyway Bridge : This is a gigantic bridge that spans 21,877 feet across Tampa Bay and has been named the No.3 bridge out of the “Top 10 Bridges” in the world by the Travel Channel. Because it is so high and above the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay, this bridge has been filmed in many commercials specifically automobile commercials. The height of the bridge is 430 feet high.

sunshine skyway bridge
3) Big Cat Rescue : This amazing little attraction is tucked away on a dirt road near Lutz FL but we think it’s one of Tampa’s best attractions and things to do. This cat sanctuary was started back in 1992 and is home to about 100 exotic cats from around the world. The cats here were adopted because they were either abused by their owners, saved from being slaughtered for their coats, rescued as babies after hunters killed their mothers, seized from drug raids, or saved from being abandoned by their owners. Their isn’t a bigger sanctuary for exotic cats like this anywhere else in the world. It’s a real treat for families and kids!

big cat rescue
4) Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center: The Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach is home to something very magical each ear and is a must see to Tampa Bay residents and tourists. In 1986 people started to see manatees in very large numbers show up but didn’t know why. It ended up being that the water attracted the manatees when Tampa Bay reached 68 degrees but the water around the plant stayed warmer and the manatees would seek a new refugee from the cold. Today this discharge channel is a state sanctuary for these amazing mammals and the manatee can be seen in their natural habitat.

tampa electric manatee viewing center

5) Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo – http://www.lowryparkzoo.org/

6) MOSI – http://www.mosi.org/

7) YBOR City – http://www.yborcityonline.com/

8) Hillsborough River State Park – https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Hillsborough-River

9) Horse Power For Kids – http://horsepowerforkids.com/

10) David A Straz Center For Performing Arts – http://www.strazcenter.org/

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