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Friday, January 8, 2016

The overnight storm had just cleared. We left O’Neill’s at about 7:20am to bait.  We netted plenty of pilchards (greenbacks), then sabiki for the larger bait like pin fish and blue runners.  We headed 22-24 miles west in rough seas 3ft chop with 6ft rollers.  The Fountain performed well as everyone stayed dry and warm. We fished 3 spots turning out the largest variety of species ever. Keepers: 2 Kingfish, 3 Red Grouper, 7 Scamp Grouper, 1 Grey Snapper, 4 Yellowtail Snapper, 6 Grunt, 3 Porgies, 2 Hogfish, 1 Triggerfish.  Non-Keepers: 3 Amberjacks, 1 Spanish Mackerel, 1 Black Grouper, 1 Strawberry Grouper and Triggerfish.  Which were all released safely back in to water.

We got back to Oniells by 5pm and cleaned fish as the sun was setting.  What a stellar day

tampa bay fishing

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