How To Fish At Night For Tuna In Tampa Bay

night time yellowfin tuna fishingIf you decide to go charter fishing in Tampa at night or anywhere in Tampa Bay or the Gulf Of Mexico, it is important to note that you can use larger bait and tackle as an advantage. All of your gear size and strength as well as your leaders, hooks, outfits, and line can be increased. Many fisherman have used up to date innovations to catch tuna by day such as kite fishing, balloons, chunking, and specialized tackle, but no methods can beat night fishing and the techniques used here to catch some fine tuna.

The darkness allows the fisherman to use tackle that makes it easier to catch the tuna. Captain Tom Pooler understands which gear and which charter fishing techniques to use when fishing at night. Whenever we see a sign for a big yellowfin tuna, we always will fish the heaviest gear possible especially if its at night. You will want to make sure to put in your lines a few hours on either side of sunset or dawn. The tuna we catch usually respond to large chunks of bait in which we start a chunkline with cut mackeral.  Although we fish using both chunk and live baits, it seems as thought the big tuna strike full speed at the large greenback mackeral – especially when they are hungry:)



Pre-Twilight Prep Work

Since schools of yellowfin tuna move in and out quickly, its important to make sure your tackle is ready to go and that means organizing it after you last catch. Insect mono on reels, check drag settings,and organize your tackle.

Post Twilight Prep

Do not cut corners on prep and rigging.

Time Management

If you are pursuing yellowfin tuna over a course of a few days, you will need to prep your sleep schedule as well. Don’t burn yourself out by planning all of your activities in advance.


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